Healthy hair

Healthy hair

Healthy Hair
Healthy hair

Hair is sensitive to many factors: moisture, heat, minerals in the water, ultraviolet rays, the chosen hairstyle, stress, etc. In order to have healthy, beautiful and shiny hair, you need to take proper care of it and protect it from harmful factors. 

Don't worry, take a pen and a sheet of paper and take notes, because today "Health Fact Info" offer you 14 wonderful tips to have healthy hair.

1. Combing and arranging

In order to take care of your hair properly, it is important to use a brush with natural bristles and to comb gently, gently, so as not to affect the roots of the hair. Do not brush your hair when it is wet, as it is more sensitive and breaks more easily. To untangle wet hair, use a comb with thick teeth and don't forget to always start with the tips.

2. What products to use?

You can replace the chemicals to which your hair is exposed with natural variants. If you have dry hair, for example, you can opt for a hot oil treatment. Shampoos that contain alcohol are very aggressive with the scalp, as well as some gels or hair mousses, which is why it is good to avoid them. In addition, when washing your head, be careful never to rinse your hair with too cold or too hot water - hot water is the best option. If you notice that your hair has started to fall out and is no longer healthy, give up hair dye or other chemical treatments and tricks that you apply to hair ornaments.

3. Cut your hair at the right time

Did you know that there is a mysterious connection between haircuts and the phases of the moon ? If you cut your hair when the moon is rising, in the second quarter, it will grow faster; but if you cut it during the first square, it will grow much harder. In any case, it is good to always cut your split ends to stimulate the circulation of oxygen to the hair and for it to become stronger and continue to grow.

4. Watch out for the hair dryer

The hot air emanating from the hair dryer can damage the roots, so be careful to keep it at a distance of at least 15 cm from your head. If you just need to fix your hairstyle, use cold air.

5. Shiny hair

Who doesn't want to have beautiful, shiny hair? Dust, nutritional deficiencies and exposure to cigarette smoke can rob your hair of its natural shine. To remedy the situation, resort to the following treatment : wash your hair with a mixture of warm water and apple cider vinegar. You can also use lemon juice. This remedy also removes dandruff and other bacteria accumulated in the hair.

6. Dirty combs and brushes

You already know that  dust and grease affect your hair, so you have to remember that the tools you use to arrange it get dirty and, as a result, they also soil your hair. We recommend that you soak them in a bowl of warm water mixed with four teaspoons of baking soda. Let them sit for 20 minutes, then rinse them.

7. The best shampoos for normal hair

Aloe Vera gel has many beneficial properties . It is used as an ingredient in lotions, moisturizing milk, massage emulsions, etc. The shampoo we are going to present to you will make your hair silky and shiny after only a week. If you have oily or dry hair, it is better to avoid it. You need 100 ml of bee honey shampoo , 200 ml of aloe vera gel and 2 tablespoons of whiskey. Mix the three ingredients and shake the container well. Put the shampoo obtained in a bottle and store it in a dark place for six months, after which you can use it to wash your head.

8. Treatment for oily hair and dandruff

This mixture strengthens the hair, fights dandruff and removes excess fat. In just one month, you will notice that your hair grows faster and is much stronger . You need 1 liter of white wine, 10 grams of agar-agar, 10 grams of hijiki, 10 grams of kombu seaweed and molasses. Add the wine and the three types of seaweed in a pan and let them boil for 15 minutes. Pour the hot mixture into a closed container with a lid and let it sit in a dry, dark place for three days, stirring occasionally to mix the ingredients. Strain the liquid and add an equal amount of molasses to double its volume. Mix well and store the resulting product. Drink half a cup three times a day before each meal. Since seaweed is very gelatinous , you can heat the mixture a little before consuming it.

9. Homemade conditioner

You want to have healthy, soft and shiny hair, apply the following tricks. All you have to do is use a  natural conditioner : massage your scalp with homemade mayonnaise for five minutes, then wash with shampoo as usual. Your hair will shine with beauty!

10. Moisturizing treatment

There are many factors that dry out hair : environmental conditions, certain shampoos or hard water, etc. That's why you need a moisturizer. In a ceramic bowl add two teaspoons of honey, a little olive oil and an egg yolk and mix everything with a wooden spoon. Apply the  treatment on the hair and scalp , gently massaging with your fingertips. Cover your head with a towel and let the cream work for 20 minutes, then wash your hair as usual.

11. Hair regeneration

It is so unpleasant to have messy and broken hairs that stand up in all directions! But don't worry - this treatment will fix and regenerate your hair. Mix a tablespoon of honey, two egg yolks, a tablespoon of yogurt and a tablespoon of warm water. Apply the mixture on your hair with a gentle massage and cover your head with plastic wrap. Wait 20 minutes, then rinse with warm water.

12. Nourishing cream

A nourishing cream is essential for the hair: it strengthens the roots and stimulates its growth. Pass a banana and an avocado in a bowl. Massage the mixture well into the hair, then cover it with a towel and leave the cream on for 15 minutes. Rinse with water, then wash your head normally. Repeat the treatment every week.

13. Beware of lice

Lice are a troublesome problem that mainly affects children, but adults are not safe either. They are unpleasant not only from an aesthetic point of view, but also because they transmit diseases and cause unbearable itching of the scalp. To get rid of them, wash your head with vinegar twice a week. The habit of rinsing with vinegar after applying the shampoo also helps you to have silky and shiny hair.

14. Other recommendations

Finally, here are some tips and tricks to have healthy hair  :

  • Avoid stress, as it weakens the hair and leads to hair loss.
  • Quit smoking  - nicotine interacts with proteins in the body, affecting the health of hair.
  • Add to the diet foods rich in vitamin C and B: guava, dates, peaches and whole grains.

Follow these tips and tricks to have much healthier hair.