10 basic exercises to keep fit

10 basic exercises to keep fit

10 basic exercises to keep fit

10 basic exercises to keep fit

The coronavirus quarantine situation has caused citizens to seek alternative methods of staying fit as much as possible. Without the need to have a gym at home, practicing a series of exercises we can keep fit and be distracted during these days that can last forever.

In this situation, due to a national health emergency and to avoid further contagion, many are seeking to keep fit, as far as possible. Without the need to have a gym at home, with the exercises proposed by the physical trainer specialized in resistance activities.


Considering the time of year, "the majority of runners were in the construction training phase, It is about that phase in which "we are laying the foundations for the next competitions", the races of the spring and summer months. Thus, "the first thought of many and many has been to find alternatives to avoid losing this form" that we were already achieving. These exercises proposed by the author of "Training for Ultra Trail: how to survive a long distance race" do not require any specific machine and can be carried out by anyone.


The most important thing is to keep in mind that these exercises will have a dual effect: "we will continue training because the body asks us to, but also because the head needs it." It will not be easy, but "we must find ways to stay motivated and not give up, We must exercise ourselves to maintain good mental and physical well-being. "Losing shape is a circumstantial and not a structural issue. There is no use regretting all the preparation that we had already carried out or in the canceled or postponed races, but we should focus on "what is to come".

In this reprogramming phase, as if we were a kind of computer, we must consider our physical training as a basic need, "at the same level as rest, food or hydration can be." Maintaining or looking for motivation these first days "can be relatively easy", but as the flow of videos and challenges in this regard through social networks decreases, "it can be more complex". "We must train for the simple pleasure of doing it."


1.Rope jumping, low speed 
Jump rope at a controlled speed (5 minutes). Slow pace. To warm up and start training by exercising aerobically.

2.One foot skiping
Jump to the rope with right foot and then with left foot (1 minute / foot). First with one leg, the right, and after 1 minute with the other, the left. Try to do it continuously.

3.Two one front
Double jumps with the rope (1 minute).

4.Jumping Jacks
Lateral jumps (1 minute).

5.Tripling high knees
The skipping of a lifetime (1 minute). Raise knees and quads to hip height.

6.Tripling heel to butt
Heels that touch the buttocks (1 minute). It is just the opposite of the previous exercise.

7.Jumps box
Jumps to a box (1 minute). You can always find some height at home to jump over. Of course, you have to make sure that it has a hard and stable surface. It involves jumping with your feet together.

8.Lateral shuffle Jumps
Lateral jumps (1 minute). As in the previous case, it is essential to do it on a rigid and stable surface.

9.Shuffle jumps box
Jumps to a box with alternate legs (1 minute). As running, but raising the legs more than necessary until reaching the height of the box.

10.Burppe jump box
Make burpees at the same time that take advantage of the jumps on top of the box (1 minute).

In total, it is a simple and easy aerobic routine to carry out in any home, without the need for too much space (in less than 10 square meters). It lasts for 15 minutes if we carry it out continuously.

We can do a couple of repetitions if we want to, up to half an hour. Of course, as far as possible "it is important to do it over a long period, leaving a maximum of 15-20 seconds between exercises" to maintain continuity in the training table.

If we are able to include this routine in our day-to-day confinement with the coronavirus a minimum of 3-4 times a week, “We will be able to maintain a good physical condition, in addition to helping our minds to get through these days. with the best possible disposition of spirit ”.
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